wHAT iS Ipocket?

iPocket is a cold asphalt patch for emergency repair of various types of potholes and turtle cracks. This product is Ecologically pure certified product, consists in binder without VOCs

Properties of iPocket

    • Environmental friendly iPocket (Cold Patch) for emergency repairs in asphalt pavement
    • Application for asphalt pavement damage such as pothole, crack and turtle crack and height difference
    • Easy compaction and early traffic opening
    • Construction regardless of asphalt surface conditions, weather, temperature and seasons
    • Long shelf life

Application of iPocket

    • Repair of pavement damage such as porthole and crack.
    • Partial section repair in asphalt pavement road.
    • Maintenance around the manhole and pavement different steps
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1. Cleaning and preparation

2. Pouring

3. Finish and traffic opening

4. Finish and traffic opening